How to make sure your children's selected frames are safe?

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Safety is also an important factor to consider when selecting glasses frames for a child. Children are naturally curious and active, which can cause damage to eyeglasses frames. Unfortunately, broken eyeglasses frames can also hurt your child if the frame has not been designed with safety in mind. 

When selecting glasses frames for your child, look for frames that have been designed with safety in mind. Some features to consider include:

  1. Polycarbonate Lenses: Polycarbonate lenses are impact-resistant and can help protect your child's eyes from flying debris or other hazards.

  2. Flexible Frames: Flexible frames that can bend or twist without breaking can help prevent injury if the glasses are accidentally bent or stepped on.

  3. Quality Nose Pads: Nose pads can help keep the glasses in place and prevent them from slipping down your child's nose, reducing the risk of eye injuries.

  4. Comfort: Comfort is also an important safety factor to consider. If your child's glasses are uncomfortable or don't fit properly, they may create abrasions or welts when worn over the long term.

  5. Accessories: There are many additional accessories that can be added to children's glasses to increase safety for your child (and ensure that theire glasses aren't lost or broken!) such as straps and stay-puts. These can be especially useful for active children and kids who wear their glasses while playing sports. 

In addition to choosing glasses frames with safety features, it's also important to educate your child on proper care of their glasses. This will develop good habits for years to come! 

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