Colourful, Durable Children's Glasses Finally Available in Canada!

Posted by Olga Savitska on

Your child's first pair of eyeglasses is a big step! 

Your kid may be excited and a little scared.

Excited to see the world in all it's sharpness and colour, looking forward to being able to sit with their friends at school rather than closest to the board, and to be able to read without straining.

Scared that they will look different to their friends, that they will get teased, or that their new glasses won't match their personality. 

For the longest time, those worries have been warranted. Kid's glasses (especially in Canada) aren't a big market compared to adult glasses. That means that you just couldn't get the selection that was available for adults in most Optical stores. 

That has all changed! Kids Bright Eyes glasses are now available coast-to-coast in Canada. Whether you live in British Columbia, Newfoundland, or any of our lovely Provinces or Territories, you can now have Kids Bright Eyes glasses shipped directly to your door by our Canadian Distributor Bayview Vision, conveniently located in Toronto, Ontario!

Nous avons le service français pour nos amis Québécois, aussi! 

Check out the vibrant, colourful, durable line of glasses and accessories that we have made specifically for children in Canada! 


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